Help Us ~!

Please Help Us Inform the Public ~!

Many people feel this project is ‘far-off’ or already a done deal. This is NOT the case!

We need as many people as possible to understand that, and make their concerns heard.

Are you interested in helping us is some way?

If you are opposed to this massive 3500' sq/ft construction on our beach
please get in touch with us ASAP.

Please Call Us : (858) 255-0677 or Email Us :

Can you assist with any of these items:

  • Would you like to share our cause?
  • Find strategic partners?
  • Can you connect us with helpful political ties?
  • Can you do a news story on us?
  • Can you send emails?
  • Make up flyers?
  • Pass out business cards?
  • Tell other concerned parties?
  • Make up a press kit?
  • Please : Share our Website & Facebook page!

Please Call Us : (858) 255-0677 or Email Us :

Renderings for the Proposed Project :

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