The Palisades Park comfort station has brought loitering, crime, drug trafficking, and more homeless to our community, and given them luxury accommodations to handle their business.

Since the new comfort station was constructed, due to ADA compliance rules the area has seen a spike in crime, and misdemeanors.

Residents say: “We now have known heroin addicts living in restroom stalls right in our neighborhood, and drug addicts have recently died there as well, in what used to be a mostly peaceful community.”


“Drug deals are going on, homeless are doing their laundry, people gather by the lights at night, to crush cans, sleep, smoke, or just hang out.”

It’s a unfortunate situation for such a beautiful place. The new restrooms provide all the comforts of a private chalet for the homeless in the area. Private stalls are lockable from the inside. Homeless come from all around to lock themselves inside, with their backpacks, and bags of aluminum cans. Neighbors have even seen other homeless come by, knock on the door, and get let in by another.

“Homeless use it like their own private hotel, it’s even got blow driers. They’re living the ‘High Life’, it’s a palace for anyone who’s homeless!”

“I’ve seen transients go in there with their girlfriends, and not come out for hours.”

Law enforcement, when able, routinely come by and roust several sleeping transients out of the stalls.

The situation has gotten so bad that the local Pacific Beach Planning Group voted to send a letter requesting the City lock the restrooms, and shut off the lights after 10pm to curb activity.

However, Liezl Mangonon, Director of Policy and Outreach, and Pacific Beach Representative for City Council member Lorie Zapf (District 2)Phone: (619) 236-6622 mentioned getting bathrooms locked “could be problematic”.

Open For Business - Check out time whenever . . .

Open For Business – Check out time whenever . . .

The community would like to see the restrooms locked at night, and the lights shut off, so as not to gather homeless all night, but a nighttime closure will not solve all of the problems either, often transients show up at 6am, then sleep in there until noon.

Residents also believe that the proposed construction of a North Pacific Beach lifeguard command center here promises to make the situation worse. “This station is NOT a solution, it will really just create more problems for our community.”

Residents fear this proposed ~$7 Million dollar, 3563′ sq/ft construction in a residential neighborhood will attract many more unsavory elements North to their peaceful neighborhood.

Palisades park has seen explosive growth in crime and homeless since the new construction of the comfort station. Our community only foresees this becoming worse if the planned lifeguard station is also constructed.


That’s why the community is rallying against this proposed construction.

“We would appreciate an effort to discourage the homeless from making this park, and neighborhood a consistent crash spot. We’d also like to see law enforcement properly funded so they can adequately handle crime and homeless in our area, rather than spend $7 million on another building in a tidal zone, that will likely create more problems for us all.”

Law enforcement has done a good job of providing valued assistance, but they have their hands full here in Pacific Beach. Residents consistently get a “hold for the next available operator” message when calling.

Residents would like to see existing issues handled and law enforcement properly able to handle the homeless problems before creating more problems for the area. “Let’s spend that $7 million on adequate police response, paving roads, and other services we all use daily.”

Our community does NOT want to become the next PB library, or Grand Ave station, where homeless gather in numbers, with impunity.

Yet the governmental agencies backing this North PB lifeguard station project have offered no awareness of these issues, nor offered any solutions for them.

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