Tuesday December 1st 2015 – 6:30PM PB Library -The PB planning group had a general meeting with the proposed North PB Lifeguard Command Center on the agenda.


PB Planning Group voted to approve this $7+M – 3600′ sq/ft Lifeguard Command Center Project : Vote was 12 For 3 Against 1 Abstention.

Huge Thanks to PBPG board members : Chris Olsen, Jim Morrison, and Tony Franco.

Who chose to actually listen to the over 2000 community members who signed the petition, and voted to postpone voting this project forward and examine whether this huge concrete structure is in the best interests of the community.

Rendering of the Proposed ~$7 Million + Project

Proposed North PB Lifeguard Command Center

This PBPG vote was unfortunate, seeing as there was no hurry whatsoever to push this forward.

There is still a lack of any environmental study, or area impact report, and the lifeguards, city & PBPG have never addressed any issues about how this will affect the neighborhood.

The community asked, and needed the the Pacific Beach Planning Group to vote NO as a show of solidarity with community concerns. However they chose, instead to approve this huge design.

The city will soon be applying for a Site Development Permit and use this vote as leverage to win a site development permit. We need your help stopping support for this permit, so community concerns can be addressed.

This construction of this $7Million – 3600’sq/ft project will destroy the beauty of our beach, create traffic, crime, and attract more crime, and homeless to our neighborhood. We NEED HELP getting our concerns heard by all parties involved. We believe this project to be

It would be smart, and helpful if we as community members, opposed to the North PB Lifeguard command center project could email the mayor & city council member, and make statements to this effect.

While this is not the only avenue we can pursue via the city. This meeting and vote was very important. We were hoping the PBPG would vote to postpone approving this project in order to let the community show there is sizable opposition to many issues it will create. Your support is appreciated. Please advise all community members, and interested parties as well. Get the word out!

We would like to form a group of concerned citizens in order to form a more cohesive response to the city’s constant push for this construction. Please contact us, via the contact info on this website if you are interested in assisting us in countering this project please contact us. Thanks for your concern!

Visit:  PB Planning Website – Dec 1st Meeting Page

Pacific Beach Planning Group


Pacific Beach Taylor Library
4275 Cass Street, San Diego, CA 92109
Tuesday, December 1, 2015: 6:30-8:30 pm


Item 1 – 6:30 Call to Order, Quorum
Item 2 – Current Agenda – Modifications and Approval
Item 3 – October 28, 2015 Minutes – Modifications and Approval
Item 4 – 6:35 Chair’s Report – Presenter: Brian J. Curry
Item 5 – 6:40 Non-Agenda Public Comments (Note: 2 minutes maximum per speaker)
Issues not on Agenda and within the jurisdiction of Pacific Beach Planning Group.
Item 6 – 6:55 PBPG Elections Subcommittee Report (Information Item) – Presenter: Jim Krokee
Item 7 – 7:00 Development Subcommittee (Action Items) – Presenter: Chris Olson

  1. Kovton Easement Vacation 449228 – 1695 Los Altos Road
    Vacate a sewer easement granted to City of San Diego
    Subcommittee recommends motion to approve.
  2. Pacific View Residence 447980 – 666 Pacific View Drive
    Demolish old SFR and build new 3,422 sf home w/basement SFR
    Subcommittee recommends motion to approve.
  3. Hornblend Townhomes 443510 – 2050-56 Hornblend Street
    Subdivision condominium map waiver for existing four-plex.
    Subcommittee recommends motion to approve with conditions.
  4. VedicVision Villas 387860 – 1020 Grand Avenue
    Demolish existing commercial building and construct 3-story mixed-use.
    Subcommittee recommends motion to approve with condition.

Item 8 – 7:30 Traffic & Parking (Action Items) – Presenter: Michael Beltran

  1. Install bike corral at 5010 Cass Street
  2. Install sidewalk at 1109 Tourmaline
  3. Install red curb from Jewell Street and Garnet to entrance at Von’s
  4. Install lighted crosswalk at Turquoise Street & La Jolla Blvd.
  5. Subcommittee recommends motion to approve Items 1-4.

Item 9– 7:45 North Pacific Beach Lifeguard Station Project No. 427728 (Action Item) – Presenter: Scott Chipman / City of San Diego / Architects

  • City Project (PW) (Process CIP–5): Coastal development permit/site development
    permit to construct a 3,500 sf lifeguard station and observation tower.
  • Subcommittee recommends motion to approve.

Item 10 – Other Subcommittees and Reports (Time Permitting) –

  • Code Compliance: Henish Pulickal
  • By-Laws: Eve Anderson
  • Special Events: Debbie Conca
  • Communications Subcommittee: Baylor Triplett

Item 11 – 8:30 Adjournment

Next PBPG – General Meeting: Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2015 6:30-8:30 pm

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