Receding storm surge at the proposed building location :

Is building here good planning?

San Diego City Infrastructure Crumbling

by | Oct 14, 2016

San Diego council member Todd Gloria (District 3) says :

“New taxes are needed to solve the city’s infrastructure problem.”

“If you have a problem that’s measured $4 to $5 billion large, and you have a general fund that is $1.2 billion, it doesn’t take a math genius to figure out we need additional resources” he said.


o why is the San Diego’s city government pursuing NEW ~$7-10 Million dollar, poorly planned and funded construction projects, like the “North Pacific Beach Lifeguard Command Center” and another in South Mission Beach, when they can’t even maintain our EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE!?

Yes, you read this correctly … San Diego city government is proposing NEW TAXES in order to even be able to afford maintaining our existing infrastructure, meanwhile city hall is forcing San Diego taxpayer’s into funding plans for MULTIPLE NEW un-needed lifeguard stations on the beach and in well known tidal flood zones.

Here is one proposed building location at Law Street 3+ feet under water! :

North Pacific Beach Lifeguard Tower  Location Flooding

But the City officials don’t care and are pushing forward!

Meanwhile, San Diego’s citizens and taxpayers are left with a city that is broke, crumbling roads and infrastructure, and an overburdened and under funded police force, that has difficulty picking up the phone, let alone actually getting officers out to a call in a timely manner. Robberies go unsolved, and crime is on the rise exactly in the neighborhoods where they propose these new un-affordable, and un-needed new seasonal lifeguard command centers.

Police need more funding. A neighbor’s recent 911 call took 15 minutes just for the phone call to be answered! Calls to the police routinely end up on hold for 20 to 40 minutes or longer, and an actual response may come many hours later, or never.

Is this what San Diego’s taxpayer’s want?

Why is San Diego’s city government pursuing expensive, seasonal need infrastructure that will create further maintenance costs when the city is in debt and can’t even maintain existing infrastructure without proposing to raise taxes?

Why would they choose to build in a flood plain when ocean levels are known to be rising ?

Do We Even Need These Lifeguard command Centers? :

When questioned in “PB Planning Group” and sub-committee meetings the lifeguards admitted that they had NO DATA to support the NEED for these stations, nor had they recorded anyone ever drowning at Law st beach. The proposed new 3600′ sq/ft “North PB Lifeguard Command Center” would also be located LESS than half a mile from the existing Grand Ave lifeguard station.

All of this, when the city officials admit they can’t even maintain the existing roads and infrastructure and want to RAISE TAXES to cover a ~$4 Billion+ shortfall in the maintainence budget alone!

City officials claim these new constructions are for ‘safety‘ however they conveniently ignore that there is a demonstrated NEED for more Police funding to keep San Diego SAFE that is NOT being funded or addressed. In the face of all these facts, city officials would have you believe that we need two more lifeguard towers to maintain on the beach with ocean levels rising.

Citizens for Beach Rights President Ken Giavara also noted quite correctly that :

“You don’t need a 4,000-foot command center in the middle of the beach that’s going to be underwater,” he said, adding that “they (lifeguards) have a 4,000-foot tower in Belmont Park, a 4,000-foot tower at the end of Garnet and a 4,000-foot tower (is proposed) on Law Street (in PB).”

“That’s 16,000 square feet of lifeguard stations in a 2.5-mile stretch. Nowhere in the world is that done.”

Ken Giavara – Citizens for Beach Rights President

Current Lifeguard Projects Mismanaged :

These proposed new lifeguard projects are being pursued, when the city is currently under scrutiny for shoddy work, mismanagement, and going over budget on the lifeguard towers in La Jolla Cove, and at the Childrens Pool in La Jolla as well.

All the while the city admits they can’t even afford to maintain the existing roads and infrastructure!

See these articles for more information regarding the city lifeguard project management debacles :

> La Jolla lifeguard tower debacle warrants investigation.

> Brand new Children’s Pool lifeguard tower closed amid rats, rust, sewage.

City Leader’s Priorities are Questionable:

The real issue is that the city is under funding important year round services that are critical, like police, in favor of factually unsupported, seasonal need projects with long term maintenance costs like these poorly placed lifeguard command centers.

These project do not solve ANY of the year round, real concerns of our city and neighborhoods, nor do they address the underlying city financial issues.

Have questions for city officials? – I know we do.

Please reach out and make your voice heard.

Contact your San Diego city officials and speak out against these poorly planned, un-funded, seasonal lifeguard projects in favor of better funded police, good roads, and existing infrastructure maintenance.

Please contact city officials – Voice your concerns :

Kevin Faulconer - Mayor


Phone: (619) 236-6330


City Administration Building

202 C Street,, 11th Floor

San Diego, CA 92101

Sherri Lightner - City Council President - District 1


Phone: (619) 236-6611

From North County Phone: (858) 484-3808


City Administration Building

202 C Street, MS #10A

San Diego, CA 92101

Lorie Zapf - Councilmember - District 2


Facebook: Lorie Zapf – District 2

Phone: (619) 236-6622

FAX: (619) 236-7329


City Administration Building

202 C Street, 10th Floor

San Diego, CA 92101

Todd Gloria - Councilmember - District 3


Phone: (619) 236-6633

Facebook: Todd Gloria – District 3


City Administration Building

202 C Street, 10th Floor

San Diego, CA 92101

We would love to hear how spending $10+ Million EACH on this “North PB & South Mission Lifeguard Command Centers” will affect the currently over extended infrastructure maintenance budget.

Why are we NOT addressing the many more pressing issues we are facing here in San Diego. Like our underfunded police, the rise in crime, the homeless, paving the streets, and fixing crumbling infrastructure that all ready exists?

Why is the city pushing “safety” yet ignoring these crime rates in favor of further development we can’t afford?

Please make your voice heard!

The city is BROKE, but they are proposing to build these structures in the tidal zone, when they can’t even afford to maintain existing infrastructure, let alone better funding police.

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