Violent Crime Increased in Pacific Beach by 14%

by | Dec 3, 2015

San Diego’s crime rate fell by 13.5%.

But Violent Crime Actually INCREASED in Three Local Neighborhoods:

Violent Crime Increased in Pacific Beach by 14 percent !

East Village by 23 percent and North Park by 25 percent.

Pacific Beach leads the county in Rapes, Burglaries, Larceny,
as well as Motor Vehicle Theft!


e Love Pacific Beach, and we’re not willing to accept these statistics. We know first hand that calls to police routinely get a busy signal even on winter week nights, even 911 returns a busy signal!

While the city pursues multiple large budget construction projects, with huge square footage, Pacific Beach is left with overburdened police force, that have difficulty picking up the phone, let alone actually getting officers out to a call in a timely manner.

Make no mistake the officers are doing a great job with the limited resources they have. The city seems to offer no factual support for their budgetary prioritization, and leaves Pacific Beach with a rising crime rate while they spend big money on beach level construction when ocean levels are known to be rising.

These Statistics don’t lie :

Crime Rate Rose In Pacific Beach

City Leader’s Priorities are Questionable:

The real issue is that the city is under funding important year round services that are critical, like police, in favor of factually unsupported, seasonal need projects with longterm maintenance costs like this poorly placed lifeguard command center.

This project does not solve ANY of the real concerns of our neighborhood, nor address their underlying issues.

Which begs the question, why is the city pushing ” safety” yet ignoring these crime rates in favor of further development?

We would love to hear how spending $10+ Million on this “North PB Lifeguard Command Center & Parking Garage” beach development plan affects other budgets, and why are we NOT addressing the many more pressing issues we are facing here in Pacific Beach. Like our underfunded police, the rise in crime, the homeless, paving the streets, and fixing crumbling infrastructure that all ready exists.

The city is BROKE, but they are proposing this clubhouse on the beach when they can’t even handle existing problems.

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